Kali Matha Prayers

Pandit Pandit Vishnu Verma can helps to eradicate evils with Kali Matha Prayers or Kali Maa Puja at your home. According to astrology the moon is a female planet and represents mother or Devi or Shakti. Kali maa puja will performed on a new moon light. Compare to Durga, Kali is most terrifying with dark skin and hideous tusked face. She smeared with blood and has a third eye, like Shiva. Her four arms with various weapons help to kill the rakshasa.

Kali destroys Raktabija by sucking the blood from his body because Raktabija has granted a power from Brahma which is, if one drop of his blood will fall on earth then thousands of his replicas will need form. Kali get confusion while killing his thousand forms finally she killed with an idea of sucking his total blood with her long tongue. Kali saves peoples life with her different forms like Dakshina Kali, Mahakali etc.

If you have a strong belief on Kali she definitely helps you in removing your bad energy from your home, your lives, and more. Most of people will do the Kali matha prayers at their homes to take goddess Kali blessings. Consult Pandit Vishnu Verma astrologer to perform the kali puja, Kali Matha Prayers.

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