Durga Maa Prayers

Pandith Pandit Vishnu Verma is providing all types of Puja, Shanti and durga maa prayers, He is expert in providing well & accurate guidance, This Durga maa prayers is formed for those people who have faith in her and are sure that she would bless them, Durga maa would guide you through difficult times and would help you solve your problems

Pandit Vishnu Verma astrologr wants to resolve any problems from Shani, offer sindoor mixed with chameli oil to maa's feet. Apply some of that on your forehead to get the blessings from Durga maa , remove any disillusions in your mind. It will also improve your confidence. For problems related to marriage, Family problems, Education , Finance Solutions will be provided by Pandit Vishnu Verma Austrloger . Make sure you keep the object gifted by your spouse carefully. Do the mantra "om aing hring kling chaamundaaye vichhe" everyday. These will improve any marriage related problems or problems in getting married.

Pandit Vishnu Verma astrologer is seeking shelter and protection from maa durga as following her command will definitely put an end to all his sufferings.

1st day: Mata Shailputri/Maa Parvati,
2nd day: Mata Brahmacharini,
3rd day: Maa Chandra-ghanta,
4th day: Maa Kushmaanda,
5th day: Maa Skandmata,
6th day: Maa Kaatyani Devi,
7th day: Maa Kaalraatri,
8th day: Maa Maha-gauri,
9th day: Maa Shiddhi-daatri

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